Sea Shell Charters wants to turn your vacation into an enduring lifetime of memories. Captain Phil with 36 years of charter and tour experience in and around the Negril area knows where to go. You will feel like royalty as Captain Phil and his crew tend to your every need.

Sea Shell Charters offers an endless variety of charters, tours and packages to keep the fun going for an hour or for an entire day.

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Capt Phil

Sea Shell Charters was established in 1978 by Captain Phillip McKenzie "Captain Phil". His first boat was hand-carved from a Cottonwood tree and used a paddle for propulsion. Visitors were treated to a truly authentic fishing experience in this primitive but seaworthy craft.

Today, the Sea Shell Fleet consists of a 28 foot Dusky offshore fishing boat and a, new in 2014, glass-bottom boat. Sea Shell Charters offers several offshore fishing packages, sightseeing, diving and snorkelling adventures, and special events packages.

SAVE 20%

20% Discount by booking in advance.

Pre book a tour or charter a boat with Captain Phil and his crew and know exactly what you are in for before you ever get to the island. You wouldn't wait till you got to Jamaica to book your hotel, right? Avoid being hasseled on the beach.

To Pre book call The Captain (876) 875-4167.

Negril Jamaica Cultural Tour

Do you want to see under the water without getting wet? Then a Glass Bottom Boat tour with Sea Shell Charters is the ticket. We will show you sea life while sitting comfortably above water.

Negril Jamaica Cultural Tour

Let's go fishing. While no one can ever guarantee that you will catch fish, we can assure you that you will have a good time. With Captain Phil and his crew at the helm there is never a dull moment.

Negril Jamaica Cultural Tour

YUM! On our signiture Lobster Cruise, spend a couple hours touring the local hotspots while Captain Phillip and his crew prepare a luscious meal consisting of freshly caught spiny lobster on a private island. The whole time relaxing and being captured by nature.

Let Sea Shell Charters show you the world below with a stop by the reef. You will be amazed at all of the little critters.

We now offer certified divers on staff for dive buddies.
Negril Jamaica Cultural Tour

Feel the soul of Jamaica with a Authentic Jamaican culture tour, we pick you up and take you through the curves of the "Real" Jamaica. Take a look at our lush green mountains. Listen to the water as our rivers whisper softly to you. Visit one of our mineral water springs to take care of your aches, pains, stress and discomfort and just leaves you feeling so very relax.